Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well ladies and gentleman,the last month of the year is here and DJ MARS is about to get busy. In the middle of me writing my book im still a DJ,and a pretty damn good one. I'm trying to make myself recession proof,just cause Obama's on his way to the White doesn't mean it ain't hard on the boulevard. Well on the grueling schedule,if you dont see your city on the schedule and you want me to come rock...hit me at djmars@tmo.blackberry.net.

12//05-Verve Lounge(atl)

12//12-Verve Lounge(atl)

12//13-Danbury Ct. Ne-Yo performance

12//15  Slate(nyc)

12//16 Whisky Room Superfriends Holiday Party(atl)

12//18-21 Sweden Ne-Yo performance

12//25 Sutra Lounge(atl)

12//25 Trinidad Ne-Yo performance

12//29-30 Nigeria Ne-Yo performance

12//31 Fox Theater(atl)


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