Friday, July 3, 2009

Heaven & Michael Jackson Tribute Party Tonight | Marley Marly Live On WBLS Circa 1989

What's good world,its the 4th of July yall...let the celebration begin! You've gotten the emails,you've seen the posts on facebook and twitter. Tonite is the night that we remember the Worlds Greatest Entertainer...Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. Come rock with the Heavenly Rennaissance Family x Broke & Boojee x Entertainment Corp. x Marco's Pita as we get our groove on for the King of Pop. The place to be is 595 North Lounge and the doors open@10pm. On the wheels it will be none other than DJ Kemit and DJ Doc.

Since tonight is about the man and not about us,THE PARTY IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. No vip line,no vip section,no cover charge. this is just a small token of our appreciation to the legacy of MJ. Donations will be accepted but not required. 100% of the proceeds will go to Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Foundation.

On the mixtape side of things I have another rare treat. This is a first for the History of mixtapes e blasts. I've gotten a rip of a Dj Marley Marl "In Control" radio show(circa 1989). This tape is more than classic,its a declaration of Michael Jackson's status. During the radio rip,Marley interviews LL Cool J,and around the 10 minute mark LL claims that his celebrity status is nowhere near that of Micheal Jackson's. I know its a small connection but it shows how much respect other artists had for the man. Again world,download now and thank me later.


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