Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dj Clark Kent @ I Love New York Pt. 3 This Friday @ 595 North Lounge | Clark Kent WBLS Radio Mix

What's good world,you all ready know that is back in the building! And with that being said,let's get right to it!

I am starting this year off w/an assault on wack "celebrity dj's". Out of respect for what this former rapper has done for the hip hop community,I won't mention his name but son should not be dj'ing.
I was at a superbowl related event a couple of weeks ago in miami and homeboy was dj'ing. I think I was the most upset at what I heard,than any other time I've heard a so called celebrity dj. Dude is a hip hop icon,one of the members of yer favorite groups of all times,therefore ill respect that and won't mention his name. Leave the dj'ing to dj's who really smash the party. We will respect you and play yer classics,just leave the dj'ing to us!

Well off of that,and on to the real. Everytime I blast a wack dj,I'm going to promote a real dj. This one just happens to be my mentor and big brother...SUPER DJ CLARK KENT! In addition to that he will be spinning this weekend(feb 19th@I LOVE NEW YORK PT. 3).

Yes the Man of Steel will be on the wheels this friday. You know Heaven is,pure flavor,pure partying,and pure excitement! If you are in the A,make sure you bring your ass down to the party!
Ass a special treat,I am reposting Clark Kent's mix from Marley Marl's show on WBLS. And that's not all,my brother Dj Doc did a special reggae x soca mix as well. Again,download now and thank me later!


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