Monday, January 31, 2011


What's the word party people! I hope everyone's year is getting off to a great start,mine is for sure. I didn't realize until just a few weeks ago that I have been rocking in the A for 20 years. August 15th will make it 20 years to be exact. In celebration of that period,me alongside my team(Bobby Black,Dj Stefan,and cooked up a real nice treat for you guys.
"Forever. I. Love. Atlanta.(F.I.L.A.),the history of the Dungeon Family" takes you down the musical road that became the soundtrack to Atlanta. Without the Dungeon Family, its safe to say that the Atlanta sound would not have progressed as rapidly as it did. Consisting of Outkast,Goodie Mob,Society of Soul,Organized Noize,Backbone,Cool Breeze,and Ej the Witch doctor,the DF crew paved the way for all modern southern mc's.
Being that these brothers were the first mc's from Atlanta that I ever worked with,I deem it only right that I pay tribute to them first. No other group of mc's from the south has balanced the fine line of raw street lyrics and social commentary.
Even after being around them from day one,I still find gems in there lyrics. With no further ado,please enjoy the "League of elite mc's"...THE DUNGEON and enjoy!


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