Friday, November 28, 2008


It's Black Friday and God's Favorite DJ...CLARK KENT has done it again. Fresh out the Nike laboratory comes Clarks newest creation,the BLACK FRIDAY EDITION AIR FORCE ONES. You already know how i gets down in the sneaker game,well big homie has been murdering it since the Dana Dane days. Peep the detail as well as the new materials. Clark those are sick dogs!
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things i'd like to drive

Well i'm not much of a car head,but every once in a while something  comes out from the auto-gods that make you say hummmm. Honda has a hydrogen powered sports car in the making,from what i here its only in its prototype stages. But we all know that Honda behind it the car will actually be worth its weight in gold.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Denver your favorite  Atlanta dj is coming back...again! The day before Thanksgiving@the Loft,get ready for the recap!

Whatever happened to Tuesday

Remember when your favorite album dropped on Tuesdays? Part of your drive time ritual was to go to your local record store and cop that joint right. Well Tuesdays have long since disappeared and so has your favorite record store,for the most part. Tower records is gone,along with Earwax and Beat Street. Well its Tuesday and I'm here to remind you about two of the most important mc's of the decade...KANYE WEST & LUDACHRIS. Both,"Theater of the Mind" and "808's and Heartbreaks" drop today. Please do hip hop a favor and go cop them joints please. No bootlegging or downloading,go support the troops ya heard!
Monday, November 24, 2008


As some of you know,im an official sneaker head. No,not one of these new sneaker heads...ive been in the game longer than i knew it existed. Here;s a taste of whats coming from the crew over at ADIDAS. They are simple and plain.just the way i like em!


Ladies and gentleman,allow me to introduce myself...i go by the name of DJ MARS//THE PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD FAMOUS SUPERFRIENDS CREW. I am kinda new to this blogging thing so you have to bear with me. Just to let you know i am an official hip hop head,i been down by law since day one...and this site a clear affirmation. This site was developed to promote my newest project "For Promotional Use Only::The History of Mixtapes. Yup,i am going to dig in the crates on this one yall. I cant get into to many details,just know that you will be proud. On my first post ill just put up a few shots of me at work,just so we can get on a first name basis. but in the future we will dig a lil deeper into this thing called hip hop.


Well,for some reason you've logged on to my site. So i guess it's only right that i introduce myself. Professionally i go by the name of the DJ MARS(PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD FAMOUS SUPERFRIENDS CREW). Every monday i will post something on here that deals directly with me,just to let you all know who the heck i am. As for now thanks for your attention,and please tell a friend to tell another friend about my site.

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