Sunday, February 8, 2009


What's good world, is back in the building. Grammy week just ended and yeah I'm dead ass tired. But as we all know the show must go on. Thanks to everyone for there mixtape stories. If you have a favorite mixtape, or favorite mixtape dj please email me back and shout them out to me. What's so dope about the mixtape game is that in every city and every hood there's some local dj that gets it poppin for his set.

Since we've been on the New York side of the mixtape game,I think its about time we take a trip down south. No southern dj has pushed the mixtape movement past the limits that Drama has. Tabloid headlines aside dude did more than just make headlines. Drama made the mixtape a viable method in which a southern artist can get global exposure. It would be easy for me to post one of the many Gangsta Grillz you probably own. I keep tellin you suckas that this is about "The History Of". So what I did was dig in the crates a little something. I found a classic,get you're ipods ready for this one yall. Here's the promotional mixtape for my annual DJ MARS birthday celebration. I'm not going to get into the playlist,you have to listen to the mixtape for that. Just know that I dropped a gem on you all. Oh yeah,this tape will be covered in the book to. Love me later, DOWNLOAD NOW


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