Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As a new contributor to the blog, we can not
forget an important part of the hip-hop scene.... THE WEST COAST!!!!
Me being born and raised in L.A., it wouldn't be right if the West
Coast didn't get any love on the blog. Even though, this blog is
focused on mixtapes, and the West Coast wasn't as big on mixtapes as
New York and the east coast, we had great songs and artists that were
featured on some classic mixtapes . Each Wednesday, I want to take you
back to the times when the West Coast was on top of the game, putting
out classic music and artists. When we had the industry on SMASH!!
WEST UP!!!!!

For the first video, I wanted to start it off with a joint that I know
you haven't heard in awhile. Ahmad- Back in the Day from 94' Damn, I
was in Elementary.....

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