Monday, August 3, 2009

Dj Marley Marl on WBLS Feat. Ultramagnetics & 3rd Bass

What's the good word yall, I'm back in the building. Sorry for missing last weeks blast,I had to take some much needed time off. My mind and body needed a short break. Thanks to all those who follow The History of Mixtapes movement. The book is a work in progress,but it is progressing.

Next week I will be transmitting to you live from Japan. Of course I will be there with Keri Hilson,this definetly will be interesting. But now on to todays mixtape news. After reaching out to the internet world I came across a Marley Marl "In Control" radio show. The show was recorded in 1989,and features an interview with the Ultramagnetic Mc's and 3rd Bass. While listening to the interview,I honestly don't think Marley was too interested in either of the groups. For instance,he didn't know that Ced Gee rapped on any one of the songs. Maybe he didn't pay them much attention because of there relationship to Red Alert,who knows. I just find it funny that he knew,or acted like he knew little or nothing at all about them.

Its an interesting thought to know that a radio show which was originally recorded 20 years ago is still releavant today. Shout out to Dj Marley Marl and the entire WBLS staff for giving hip hop a chance. And as usual ladies and gentleman,download now and thank me later!



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