Monday, August 10, 2009

History Of | I Love NY PT. 2 | Kid Capri | Dj Clue & LOX | Outkast Mash Up Album

What's good yall,as I said last week I am transmitting live from the far east...Japan that is. If you know me,you already know that I probably already have gone sneaker shopping. In addition I've probably gone hunting for some fresh G-shock watches.

During next weeks post ill put up some pictures for you all to enjoy. I keep telling you guys me and my crew are world famous. I understand though,you guys are pretty stuck in your ways and still stuck in that 1988 mindstate...GOD BLESS YOU!

The Heavenly Renaissance Crew

Friday September 4,2009 Labor day weekend
Atlanta Ga.//Buckhead USA

Doors open@10pm

You guys remember how we did it the last time. Flavor beyond flavor,beyond flavor,beyond flavor! Its Labor day weekend so we are going to work it to the bone. Musically we are going from Dj Webstar to Pete Rock,from Jim Jones to Nas(ir) Jones. Ladies,get your $54.11's ready cuz we are taking the A-train all the way UPTOWN!

And to commemorate that nights festivities,here's a little treat. Here's a repost of Kid Capri's classic mixtape "Old School Pt. 2". And on the Queens side of things is one of my favorite freestyles from the Question Mark man himself...Dj Clue featuring the Lox.

But wait folks,the treats don't stop there. Here is a classic remix mashup album produced by my sister in crime Dj K-Sly. A former Atlien herself and Hot 97.5 alumni. K-Sly has dug into the vaults and remixed hits from one of the biggest groups in the hip hop game,Outkast. Subsequently the project is entitled "THE OUTKASTS". Ladies and gentleman,please do you ipods a favor and download these treats. As always,download now and thank me later!

Kid Capri

Dj Clue & LOX

Outkast Mashup Album


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