Sunday, January 25, 2009


Thank you to each and everyone of you who faithfully read my emails,and especially those who visit The purpose of these emails is to get you ready for "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY...THE HISTORY OF MIXTAPES". It is a book I am currently writing detailing the history of the mixtape phenomonon. It covers the culture from A-Z. While I am some what of an expert,I don't pretend to know everything. If there is a dj that you would love to see in the book,let me know about it. I cover the spectrum pretty well,but as I said I don't pretend to know it all.
As a favor to me I ask that you pass this email to your friends. Who wouldn't love to explore the history on a piece of culture in which we all grew up on. I am working this campaign from the ground up,and need everyones help. So please share and share alike.

And now on to the music. So far I've given you Clue,Doo Wop and my man S&S. As I dig into my crates I think its time to represent my man DJ TONY TOUCH. One of the nicest mixtape dj's ever,Toca is a complete package. How many dj's can drop a James Brown record,catch the break,hit the floor and do an ill uprock,come back to the dj booth to kick a verse,all in the middle of the party. It seems like the B-Boy element of dj'ing has kinda disappeared,but not with my man Tony Touch. He had mad flavor tapes in his arsenal. Ladies and gentleman I present to you...POWER CYPHER 2...DJ TONY TOUCH...THAT BROOKLYN BULLSHIT,WE ON IT!

Download now,you can thank me later. For download click on link below.

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