Friday, January 30, 2009


Greetings party people,its monday so that means that www.HISTORYOFMIXTAPES.COM is back in the building. The number one question I get in relation to this site is how is the book writing process. One word,hard. The hardest part about writing the book is tracking down dj's after they've committed to an interview. Some of them were extremely easy and professional(Brucie B,Kid Capri,Hollywood,Craig G). While others were and continue to be elusive,a headache beyond belief. During the process I have gained tons of support,and to that I am grateful. Thanks to my loyal followers of

And now for the moment you all have been waiting for. This weeks download comes from the most influential dj in hip hop history...KOOL DJ RED ALERT. You may be asking youself what does Red Alert have to do with mixtapes. Well in the 80's you weren't in the loop if you didn't have a tape of Red Alerts show from 98.7 kiss fm. I'm originally from Springfield Mass,and everyone in Springfield has a cousin from New York. Dubbed copies of Red's show would end up in Springfield two days after the actual live airing.

What made Red's show so dope? Why was he so important to Hip Hop radio? Maybe because he supported some of the biggest names in Hip Hop(BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS,THE NATIVE TONGUES MOVEMENT,DJ MARK THE 45 KING,ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S). Or maybe because he had more flavor than a pack of now and laters. You couldn't front on Red's personality,his drops were dope and he had custom made songs that ended up becoming underground classics(BAIT//ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S & THE TR 808 IS COMING//BDP). All in all Red is to Hip Hop radio as Micheal Jordan is to basketball. Argue with me if you want but no dj means more to hip hop radio the KOOL DJ RED ALERT. Download now and thank me later.

98.7 KISS FM CIRCA 1987


Click Here To Download


Dutch Old School Fan said...

great post, thanx for sharing!


The best to ever do it on radio!!


Antony van Zyl said...

New York, NY – 04/03/2009 – VIOLATOR MANAGEMENT’S C.E.O. Chris Lighty is very pleased to announce the signing of a breakthrough entertainment project for music industry pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert. DJ Red Alert will be the central figure in an unparalleled new cross-platform production developed by Antony van Zyl, which integrates a filmed reality show format with a web based social network, a virtual world platform, and mobile applications.

Full release at:

Steveo! said...

Man.....I just want to thank you for posting this!! I almost cried when I heard this! My homeboy used to bring these mixtapes from the radio. He would visit NYC in the summer and bring them all the way back to S.A.Texas....This was real HIPHOP! These mixtapes are priceless! You should post some more for the REAL HipHop heads! Peace!

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