Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My man Beestroh has opened up a can of whoop ass on you wack ass dj's. Im not talking about the real ones,fake ones you know who you are. You guys are cheap sources of labor,you take away from the real guys who work hard and deserve the job. Real dj's cant get real jobs cuz you $2.00 dj's are in the glad the fakes are being exposed.


Makell Bird said...

awesome... a monster with the scratch! It's glad to see DJs standing up for themselves. I myself am an up and coming DJ. I've always put together quality mixtapes but right now I'm not good enough on the scratching blending level to consider myself a real DJ... I'm getting better every day though. I just hate how these fake ass, no mixing or blending ass DJs keep fukn the game up for real DJs. Pressing play doesn't make you a DJ!!!

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