Monday, November 2, 2009

Dj 4our5ive & Best of Jadakiss (LOX Era)

What's good world, is back in the building. I have a slew of new//classic tapes to drop on you guys. Sorry for the absence but my touring schedule has been hectic. Enough of the crying,let's get down to the mixtapes business.

I asked a loaded question on facebook the other day. The question was who do you like better,The Lox or D-Block? Although both groups are comprised of the same exact members,there is something totally different about each other.

A few days ago me and my mans DJ 4our 5ive(Lil Wayne x Fabolous's Dj)were having a conversation. Not really sure what sparked it but we were discussing his mixtape collection. And come to find out he did a Lox era best of Jadakiss mixtape. Not only does the tape have some early Jada album cuts but it also has an unreleased Lox x Mase joint called "Get that Money Right"(or at least that's what I called it).

Understand this,Dj 4our5ive has been rocking stages since the Epmd days. I hit him on twitter( day and he was telling me he was smashing crowds n the U.K. with Lil Wayne and then a couple of days later he was killing it with Fabolous. All that to say,when son drops a tape its so official. So as always,download now and thank me later!



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