Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heaven 5 Year Anniversary | Dj Drama Automatic Relaxation

What's good world,happy Thankgiving to all. Ill get right down mixtape business,especially since its the holiday season. I have another treat from Mr. Thanksgiving himself...Dj Drama! Yup another installment from his Automatic Relaxtion mixtape series.

For all of those who downloaded last weeks treat,you already knows how son gets it in. Again,its that cold snuggle up w/ya wifey weather. Do yourself a favor and download now and thank me later.

Now you guys have one more day to get ready for the 5 year Anniversary of Heaven. Each and every year we try to take it up and do something special. From the F.I.L.A. tribute,to I Love New York,to Hotter than July. Its mind boggling that our child has grown to be 5 years old.

Musically you know how we do,we go all the way in! Thanksgiving night we are playing everything from James Brown to Jeezy. One of the most musically diverse parties the A has ever seen.

So come party with the Champions of Sound...THE WORLD FAMOUS SUPERFRIENDS AND THE ALLMIGHTY FCC!

Ladies rsvp at for free entry before 11:30 pm

Fellas for free entry before 11pm you must rsvp at

We are going to have a ball yall,let's go...DJ DOC,MARS,TRAUMA AND SALAH will provide the soundtrack. While Tai Boogie kicks the microphone flavor...and Sleep and Cac hold down the bar!


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