Tuesday, November 10, 2009

T.I.P & PSC In The Streets Vol. 1

What's good world,I hope you all had a safe and productive weekend. It's officially fall and it seems as the entire retail community wants us to focus on christmas. I went to the mall the other day and they already have christmas tree's up. I guess they are preparing America to start spending there money a little earlier. Trust me,I'm not going to be fooled by the hype.

Well there's two major movements on deck here. First off is the Heaven 5 year anniversary party at The Mark,and secondly is this weeks mixtape movement.

Thursday November 26th marks the 5 year anniversary of the party we call Heaven. Yup,Thanksgiving night in Atlanta we are taking things back to the club we helped make famous(THE MARK). Remember the last time we reopened a club(Compound)4,000 people decided to party with us. Trust us,this is just a small warning. More info will be available in the coming days...just know that your favorite party is back...Thanksgiving Night@The Mark...Heaven!

And now for the mixtape side of things. There's a reason that the rapper TIP called his movement Grand Hustle,that's simply because they move on a scale larger than most. For instance that grey period between Arista and Atlantic,Tip didn't just sit back...he fed the streets. He didn't wait for a dj to ask him to make a street album,he did one himself. As one retailer told me,"those tapes sold like crack...and Tip along with Jason Geter would deliver them by hand to us". The Tip and P.S.C. mixtapes were serious. They helped cement this dude in the minds of everyone in the hood. Their hustle is grand and the tapes were hot,thanks Dawn...again,download now and thank me later!



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