Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It feels like Gang Starr is the purest group in hip-hop. They was shooting videos on the beach in the winter when the water was ice. Razor-blade music. A bunch of guys in front of the project steps. “Mass Appeal”, “Dwyck”, ‘Stick up kids just out to tax’ … It’s just so much, man. When Guru passed, and I’m hearing all these rumors, I just wanna kill everybody. I want to shoot the computer, cause I’m like, “No, this ain’t what we do when our legends, our icons, pass. We salute them. We don’t go for rumors; we salute these dudes.” He was an icon, man. It’s the purest group in hip-hop, in my opinion. DJ Premier, this guy is like a god, a walking god. Guru, he put it down legendary.
Preemo, I was waiting for Preemo to give me a “Ten Crack Commandments” or a shoot em up, bang bang. He sent me the beat when Guru died — the day Guru died. It was a somber, sad beat. I knew where to go with it… I knew Preemo was hurting; I been through that with Pun. I knew how it felt. I had to pay homage and salute.

Download: Fat Joe – I’m Gone (prod. DJ Premier)


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