Sunday, March 1, 2009


What's up my good people. Its monday and we are back at it. If you get a chance watch "Rip the Runway" tonite on B.E.T,ill be performing with Keri Hilson. It airs at 9pm. By the way,her debut album drops tuesday,March 24. Do your girl a favor and cop that.

Shout out to everyone in Charlotte,North Carolina. I had a blast this past weekend. I totally slept on the C.I.A.A. weekend,it was like an Allstar weekend for black colleges. Its a permanent part of the DJ MARS party schedule from here on out,big shout out to my man TROY VEALE...let's rock out again next year homeboy!

On a bitter sweet note,I was glad to have experienced the home going service for my man "Marc the Barber Stewart". One of the best human beings God has given us. I hope I offer the world what Marc has offered me and my we love you and miss you!

Now on to the business at hand. As I said last week there are several components of the mixtape game. This week I'm going to exemplify two of them,the live party mixtape as well as the homemade best of mixtape. For these two examples I brought along my man's The World Famous Brucie B and the Down and Dirty King,DJ Bobby Black.

If you have any knowledge of the New York Party scene then you know how Brucie B used to get it in. There's not to many dj's that can say,to some extent that they've inspired Kid Capri. There's not to many Dj's that can say they are the reason Ron G started dj'ing,Brucie B can say that. There's not to many dj's that can say that their mixtapes were coveted items from such Harlem street figures like Rich Porter,AZ,and Alpo. Brucie B can say that,and for those suckas who don't believe me go rent the movie "Paid in Full" and see for yourself. Brucie wasn't the kind of dj that would cut a record to death,but he would rock the shit out of a party. To some extent I patterned my self after him. All Brucie needs is a bottle of Henny and party people ready to take it all the way Uptown.

The 80's era New York club that helped make Brucie famous is Harlems "Roof Top". This tape features Brucie live on the wheels circa 1987. To my Uptown crew,this tapes is for you(ROC,SLEEP,PARTY RADAMES,BIDDY,HOLLY,and DL).

Todays second offering comes from a more modern approach to mixtapes,the best of series. From the vaults of the "Down & Dirty king...DJ BOBBY BLACK",we have the best of Mary J. Blige. I told BLACK a long time ago this tape was crack. More like an anthology than a mixtape,this tape totally exemplifies how a dj should put together a best of series. Black is one of the few current dj's that can rock a party and mixtape equally as well. A complete musical anthology of Mary J is on display here. As usual,I'm not going to reveal the playlist. Do yourself a favor and click the link to my man says at the top of his tapes..."Bobby. Black put it on em"!

To download,click the link below:

Brucie Bee Side 1

Brucie Bee Side 2

Bobby Black & Mary J Blige Mixtape

For other classic Bobby Black mixtapes log on to,for all the classic Bobby Black flava's!

Dj Bobby Black


marioka said...

The link doesn't work.


sorry,im settin it up now...will post the link n few...sorry for the inconvenience.

Tapemasta said...

Damn, you going to make me pull out some old Brucie joints..I still rock the Bobby Black & Monica mixtape...


Yo can't thank you enough for this!

Olskool4real said...

Thanks for the history I only have the one Brucie Bee from Rap Mullet never heard anything else from this legendary Dj!!

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