Monday, March 16, 2009


What's the deal world,allow me to introduce my self...DJ MARS//PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD FAMOUS SUPERFRIENDS CREW. I'm am also the owner of the site Big Chew hit me up and asked me to be a part of the top ten list. So I decided to give a little advice to up and coming dj's. Not exactly the bible, but just a few key things I feel like a dj should do in order to get it poppin in his or her city.

(1) Know your craft-There's no better way to be one leg up on the competition than to actually be a master at your game. Most dj's try to be all things to everyone,for the most part that's not likely. If you are a radio dj,please know how to sandwich those hits. If you make mixtapes, study the science. If you are a club dj,know how to rock a party.

(2) Learn from the older Gods-Study from a dj who came before you. The mentor could be someone with whom you are cool with or someone whose style you studied from a far. When I was coming up I studied Kid Capri, Ron G, S&S, Doo Wop, Brucie B, Clark Kent and my man Red Alert. Honestly,to the point where I felt like I was them when I was rocking. To some it may sound corny,but it worked. Hey,if you wanna be like Mike act like Mike.

(3) Be honest with your skill set-On the reals,if you are not Jazzy Jeff don't try his shit publicly. If you have no mic game,shut up and hire a hype man. Point guards shouldn't be down in the paint,and not every mixtape dj should be spinning at a party. I'm not a mixtape dj,that's why I rarely make them. Know who you are and be comfortable with it.

(4) Do not join a dj crew-I know this sounds ironic,especially coming from the guy who started the dj crew phenomenon in the south. Reason being is most club promoters,program directors and even artists have found a way to take our stripes. They all have figured that a dj crew gives you the dj some control. They can't control you so they all of a sudden don't like you. Move aggressively with your peoples,just don't join a crew. Trust me, the hate will come out the wood work if you do.

(5) Network extensively-I wouldn't be the dj I am today if I didn't have a circle of people that I can rely on for gigs as well as information. The fact that I was invited to be a part of this list is proof that networking works. Currently my goal is to network with dj's out side of my current musical circle. Each one teach one,I can learn from them just as they can learn from me.

(6) Stick together-I know that was a bland title but I really meant that as a dj if you have a popping up and coming promoter,grow with him. In my eyes you should stay with him and move as he moves. If he's not a piece of shit he will take you where ever he goes.

(7) Create a following-The average person is like a sheep in they pasture,they follow the herd. This game is built on smoke and mirrors and if you have a legion of people rocking with you,you look like you are a God.

(8) Know your music-There's no reason why you should have access to all the hits. There's no reason why you should know what's poppin in Ny,as well as Houston,Chicago and LA. There's no reason why you don't know what was poppin 10 years ago. The internet has leveled the playing field,get yer crates right.

(9) Play your position-Most young dj's are so fucking annoying when it comes to this. If you are paid to open up,do that. Let the headliner do him. You got your check,now sit back relax and learn a lil something. No need to sit in the booth and every 30 minutes ask the next dj,"yo can I get back on"...hell no. Play your part and learn,most of all respect that man's time slot.

(10) Respect the game-Alot of dj's have come before us and made it what it is. Many of them took the shorts so that we can eat. You pay them back by simply being an asset to the collective. Be good at what you do,take the game forward. Does no one no damn good if you wack the game out by being wack. Simple enough dude. With a high level of talent,a lot of luck and some heart,this game can take you all over the world. I'm proof of that!


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