Monday, March 16, 2009


What's good world,we are back in the building. Thanks to all who are supporting the movement over here. Especially my online community(,tapemasta,recogthereal,mixtapetorrent,dj soul,the kaos,and Thanks to everyone who has spread the word about And a special thanks to everyone who has visited the site and downloaded a tape,keep the movement moving yall.

And for my people across the water do remember. I will be playing in Dublin Ireland,July 7 at Bondi's Beach Club...the hottest club in Dub. Its the official after party for the european Ne-Yo tour. Shout out to Kev and the entire Rap Ireland crew,good looks to DJ DRAMA for making the connect. So get ya passports and yer paper ready,I'm tryna go in real heavy.

And now for todays business. Todays mixtape blast off comes from one of my favorite dj's ever,DJ PREMIER. Yeah,Primo from read it right. In addition to all the ill beats Primo has cooked up over the years,he has a dope mixtape collection as well. Today we dig into CROOKLYN CUTS 4. This is Brooklyn we go hard shit all day,this is Timbs and Blunts on Broadway type shit. Don't worry yall the interview with Primo is in the works,and the I'm sure he is going to give more than his 2 cents worth in regards to the current mixtape game. Download now and thank me later.

For DJ PREMIER CROOKLYN CUTS click the download link below:



Curt and Jamila Hayman said...

No download link cuz, can you put the link up? good lookin

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