Sunday, March 22, 2009


What's good world,how the heck are you! Its been a very good and inspirational birthday weekend. This past saturday I turned 36, and I realized one of the greatest gifts GOD has given me was the gift of still being releavant. I've had the pleasure of working for some of the biggest artist in the music industry(OUTKAST,USHER,MONICA,KELIS,CIARA,NE-YO,KERI HILSON). For the most part,I've been able to stay visible without the help of the radio. In the dj world,that's virtually impossible. Whether its a string of good luck or GOD's blessings,I truley am thankful for it all. Thank you for every Happy Birthday wish I received this weekend as well.

And now back to business. Being that it is spring I think its time to move the mixtape clock up just a little. One of the modern giants of the modern mixtape game is none other than my man's DJ MICK BOOGIE. I know he usually doesn't put the DJ prefix infront of his name but he's one of the few who actually deserves that title. Mick is one of the few dj's who can be just as creative on his live dj sets as he is on his tapes. Sometime late last fall Mick rocked a party in Atlanta,and I took a look around and there were atleast 10 dj's there taking notes, myself included. Not many can do a mixtape featuring Jay Z and Coldplay and make it make sense. Not many people can play Seven Nation Army and Kanye West at a club and make it make sense. Well Mick Boogie can and he does,trust me on that one.

In an effort to clearly explain who he is and what he does,just incase you have been living in a cave without the internet. I have some really cool treats for you. Here is an example of how a perfect dj has grown up. First of all,Mick came from the depths of the midwest(Cleveland,Ohio). He packed his bags and moved to New York City,but wait he was already hot before he moved. Its kind of like playing for the Lakers after you've already won a couple rings. To show you how a real dj growns into a great dj,I've got 2 classic examples of Mick. First off I've got his very first mixtape he has ever made," MY NAME IS MICK BOOGIE". Second off I have the new classic "VIVA LA HOVA",featuring Coldplay and Jay Z. You know how I do,I'm not getting into the playlist. That's your job,suckas. Download now and thank me later.

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