Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top 5 Atlanta Clubs of All Time | Dj 45 X Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Happy wednesday folks,and yup you guessed it. Its time to hear my random thoughts. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on my email campaign lately. Thank you to all who read what I have to say as opposed to just downloading the tapes I push out. Thanks to all the websites who post what I write and put out there,but still give me credit. Thanks to the homie DJ SENSE for the invite to do my first interview on Shade 45. By next weeks blast I will have the entire interview up for your listening pleasure.

Last weeks e blast listed a few things I felt was wrong with Atlanta's nightlife. Well this week I'm going to do a list 5, of what I consider to have been the, top clubs in the city. I know some of you are going to argue my point,I hope you do. But for now,read on.

My list is in no particular order by the way:

1-Club Fritz//559(Ashby st):: One of the gulliest clubs on the planet,but if you were from any hood in the A you had to be there. Historically it was the first club I ever spun in,I only spun there twice. But Dj Jelly and them had that place on fire.

2-The Warehouse//Pheonix:: You could put there friday night up against any hip hop party, any where in the country. One of the best venues for a real hip hop show. Everyone performed there(A Tribe Called Quest,BIG,Craig Mack,Luke,Blackmoon,Lost Boyz,Kid Capri,Ron G). I was a spectator back then,I couldn't compete with Lil Jon,Searcy,Dose,Sol Messiah,Shakim,none of them.

3-Soho:: From fall of 94-95(Spring),this club was the shit on Thursday nights. I feel like this club started the hip hop ballin that goes on now. Everyone partied there,and partied hard. Favorite memory was the night of the Brat's "Give it to you" video afterparty. Everyone who was in the video was at the party...oh yeah,and I had Mary dancing on the tables.

4-Atlanta Live:: This club made everyone feel like a star,for real. Trauma and DC used to spin there on saturday nights,it was a problem. The baddest chicks in the south used to party there,no joke. Live performances by Prince,Heavy D,Nas,Foxy Brown,you name it they partied there. And the women,omg!

5-Kaya//Chilli Pepper:: I can't disrespect any of these places,they are the last true hip hop clubs that Atlanta has seen. Let's start with the Chilli Pepper,every Tuesday night it was popping. Real dj's,real party people and a whole lot of fun. It was the spot where Kid Capri came to party when he was intown,I know cuz I was dj'ing when he walked in the club. It was the spot that made Nas give an impromptu performance. I know because I was on the wheels. Thanks to the Midnight Marauders crew.

Now Kaya was a whole 'nother animal. The best dj line up I have ever seen in my life. Oh,you wanna argue? Put a team together that actually was on the same bill each and every sunday...DJ NABS,KEMIT,DOC,JAY CEE, and me...DJ MARS. Excuse my language,but who is fucking with,ill wait til you try and figure it out...NOONE STUPID! Hip hop partying at its best,remember we had Jay Z,Run Dmc,Whodini,Dmx,Ja Rule, Jazzy Jeff,and that's just who I remember.

If the list went to 10 clubs I would add the following::



The Bounce

Flavors//The Atrium

The original Velvets

We got a lot of history hear folks,stay with me. And now for the mixtape portion of the e blast. How many of you all know the name of EPMD'S first dj. Take a second to,for you so called hip hip heads its DJ K-LA BOSS. How many of you know the name of Lil Waynes think hard now,its DJ 4-5. How many of you know that's the same person...I'm sure none of you. Do your homework. My man 4-5 aka DJ K-LA BOSS aka I've been the # 1 tour dj on the planet since 1987 is still smashing em and still releavant in this world we call hip hop. I know because I've been on several tours with him.

Every tour he's one he come through with a batch of flavorful mixtapes. Today I dug up one of my favorites..."THE MAKINGS OF YOU...THE BEST OF PETE ROCK AND CL SMOOTH". Nothing but pure mc'ing and dj'ing right here yall. If you've forgotten PR and CL's contribution to hip hop,well here you go. As I always say,download now and thank me later.



KingDavid06 said...

Nice list, Bro.
BTW - add specifics:
1st Esso and 1st Velvet(downtown) and the 1st 112(keeping the party going for all of us club workers).....damn I miss those places..... me tearing up over here....

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