Friday, May 29, 2009

Heaven Presents "Forever I Love Atlanta" | Dj Jelly Vs. Dj Smurf Mixtape

The Heavenly Renaissance presents

Forever I Love Atlanta
Friday June 5th,@595 North Lounge

Ladies and gentleman,the time has once again returned for another HEAVEN experience. As always we stay at the forefront of the party scene. This event we plan to pay tribute to the city that has been home to many of us from day one. Yes we are paying tribute to Atlanta Ga,USA.

Next friday we are doing it for the home team,all zones,all hoods,points inside the permiter(and even the burbs). What city in the south can compare to Atlantas night life,none. Remember freaknic,remember the Bounce Night Club. Let's take it back even further,remember The Gate or even Esso's on a saturday night. This night is for all my Grady baby's,its for all my people who grew up in Atlanta and didn't just relocate hear. Well I'm lying,this party is for you all too. It's a night where we celebrate the sounds of Kilo,Dj Kizzy Rock,Dj Smurf,Playa Poncho,Usher, TLC,Ciara,Keri Hilson,Jermaine Dupri,Xscape,Jim Crow,Lil Jon,Bone Crusher,Pastor Troy. I can go on for days,but I'm sure you all get the picture.

Come rock with us as we put on for our city. In true A-town fashion,we went and got a true A-town dj...DJ HERB! Oh yeah,we are going heavy on the Outkast,Goodie Mob,So So Def Bass-Allstars.

All ladies feel free to RSVP now @ HEAVEN.ATL@GMAIL.COM for free admission before 11pm.

And just to put you all in an Atlanta state of mind,I'm reposting the DJ JELLY VS. DJ SMURF mixtape. In addition there's the proper link to the DJ SPINNA best of SADE mixtape. Again,download now and thank me later!




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