Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kid Capri on WBLS

What's good party people,its another week and www.historyofmixtapes.com is back in the building. This week we have two featured mixes. One from Kid Capri and the second from Dj Trauma. Both of which are well worth the download,so get you're ipods ready.

When you talk about mixtapes you have to include radio shows as well. I'm not sure what it was like in any other city,but a copy of a new york hip hop radio show was more than worth its weight in gold. Thanks to my man Al Lindstrom,I got my hands on this classic Kid Capri tape from WBLS.

The tape was recorded in the early 90's,92 I believe. After listening to this tape I can clearly see the difference between 98.7 KISS and WBLS. Although 'BLS had the better stable of dj's,KISS had more personality on the air. It had to be hard as hell for Red Alert to compete against Marley Marl,Mr. Magic,Pete Rock,Kevy Kev,Clark Kent,Kid Capri and Ron G. Kid Capri has mad personality,by this time he was murdering HBO'S DEF COMEDY JAM. But on the radio the powers that be wouldn't let his personality shine. When you listen to the mix you will hear very few drops to signify who is rocking. Regardless of that,the value is actually owning a rare Kid Capri WBLS radio mix. And because of my good friend Al Lindstrom and www.historyofmixtapes.com you now do.


c said...

whats good? think you can reup this?

wbls could have been great

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