Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Heavenly Renaissance Presents "Forever I Love Atlanta" | Dj Spinna "Best of Sade" Mixtape

What's the word my good peoples. Hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend. Mine was spent on the road with Keri Hilson. We hit 3 cities in as many days(Greensboro,Atlantic City,New York City).

While I was in New York I made it my job to listen to both radio stations(Power 105 and Hot 97). Both stations were featuring a memorial day megamix,and I can't lie both stations were killing it. Sometimes when I come to NY and listen to the radio I get dissapointed,but not this trip. Every dj on every station was going in. I loved the diversity on air,they went from the hoodest of the hood records to the Pussy Cat Dolls. How come Atlanta radio can't be that diverse,especially on big mixshow weekends.

Now for the mixtape side of things. Some dj's may not have the name of a Kid Capri or Clue,but they still may end up being one of your favorites. That title fits when it comes to describing my man DJ SPINNA. Repping Brooklyn to the fullest,SPINNA is no stranger to the game. He's been killing the house remix side for a minute,now he dropped a timeless best of Sade mixtape. As always,download now and thank me later.

We have been dropping little hints about our next Heaven event. We have been slowly letting the cat out of the bag,but now its time to go full steam ahead. Friday June 5,THE HEAVENLY RENAISSANCE CREW PRESENTS...Forever I Love Atlanta(F.I.L.A.). That's right ya'll, we are doing it for the home team. We are doing it for the city we all come to know as home. We are doing this one for all my Grady Babies,all my Atliens.

Musically Atlanta has contributed so much to the game. From Cameo to Outkast,from Joy to Jeezy. From Ludachris to Left eye,from Usher to Gucci Mane. Yup,next friday we are going all the way in. Expect more details and more excitement from the crew you all love. But most importantly I expect to see you all at "THE HEAVENLY RENAISSANCE PRESENTS...FOREVER I LOVE ATLANTA". Next friday,june 5 at 595 North Lounge

Click Here To Download Mixtape


Gary Anderson said...

there is a password needed and it's not included.

I tried the blogspot address in parenteses and it's not that. I tried the one I found online or whatever and that's not it either.


i just emailed u the proper link,sorry about that.

Gary Anderson said...

thanks a lot! listening to it now.


no doubt,just spread the word about the blog.

shugahshaneyoubetterrecognize said...

What's the password? Thanks!

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