Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Boy & DJ Clue Mixtape

What's good ya'll,I'm back on my mixtape grizzly. I just dug into my personal stash of tapes and I'm preparing them for your downloading pleasure. As we near that moment,let's take a trip into the history books for a minute.

Todays mixtape blast comes from Dj Clue and Bad Boy Ent. Remember back in the 90's when Bad Boy dropped there own mixtapes,remember when the Question Mark Man had ya benzi box in a frenzy. Well let's take a second to think back.

Part of what made Puffy so dope is his ability to see what other execs didn't. He wasn't the first exec to listen to tapes but he was one of the few who totally embraced the movement. As an effort to break his artists Puff got with the hottest dj's(DOO WOP,STRETCH ARMSTRONG,S&S,& CLUE),and used there street credibility to create street cred for his artists.

I can't front,I never take a tape from another site but this one was too good to pass up. Props to the smoking,that's where I got the tape from. Again yall,download now and thank me later!


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