Friday, September 25, 2009

Dj Craig G 80's Classic R&B

What's good party people, is back in the building. First of all let me say that the recent string of deaths has shaken me up a little bit. Kennedy,Jackson,AM,Swayzie,and now ROC God's plan is serious for all of us ya'll. God bless each and everyone of them as well as there spirits and families.

Now for the mixtape side of things,let's take the express train all the way Uptown to Harlem. I've seen this kid reinvent himself so many times. Around the first time I met him he was working at Beat Street records in Brooklyn,then he was doing dope remixes,then I come to find out he's killing the clubs and radio in Connecticut. On top of all of that the brother lives around the corner from my peoples. Today we are going to hop on the elevator and get off at the "TOP FLOOR BABY",aand rock with my man DJ CRAIG G!

Here's a dude that's been smashing the mixtape game from day one and is stil relavant. Here's a dude that can rock parties on any coast. Here's a dude that can get yer record poppin in the streets of New York,Connecticut,and Massachussetts. Now that's power for real.

One of the all time greats,Craig G is about to take you guys back. Rock with us as we bounce to some 80's flavored r&b...strictly Uptown Style. As I always say,download now and thank me later!



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