Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dj Doo Wop 95 Live

This is "waste no time" email,first off its time to take it to the Bronx. I know this tape has been on a few sites but you can never get to much of THE BOUNCE MASTER DOO WOP. This is easily one of the biggest and best tapes ever recorded...yes,I'm talking about 95 LIVE... No more talking just do your Ipod a favor and download it asap!


divine said...

aah man definate classic doowop really held it down for the streets but more so he was the voice & baromter for the dj's & the way the industry used the mixtape vehicle then tried to turn they back & act like we were the problem gotta love wop ,no homo!! & he play them brooklyn joints like he from the borough real talk!! but the freestyles this 1 was 1 of the best 1's for that the bounce squad in the beginning with sadat guest starring like it was nuthin & what i really loved about this era is the name meant something..you didnt need all the fancy graphic covers & the hot song that wasnt permitted to be played you made your nitch by your timing & creativity..plus he broke joints & artist!!

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