Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dj Drama Pre Gangsta Grillz

What's good world,hope all is well with each of you. You already know my story,I'm banging out these interviews while travelling the world...what a life!

Since most of us have an extremely short attention span I think its time to get right into the mixtape business. I had to search high and low for this particular batch of tapes. I spoke to Drama directly and we both had to go to another source. Today's mixtape download comes from Dj Dramatic,yup a throw back title.

Today I am blessing your Ipod with the Automatic Relaxation series. And we get the ball roling with "The Sounds of Philly". If you've ever heard any tape from this series than you know what time it is. This is straight relax with wifey music. Nothing but pure flavor,trust me your ipod is going to love you. This is that,driving down Peachtree st with the top down during the summertime music. Since its the winter,this is definetly that chilling in a log cabin with a cutie music.

I'm sure you guys get the point,do your selves a now and thank me later!



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