Friday, March 26, 2010

Dj Books Best Of Wu Tang

What's good world,happy friday to all. Its a beautiful day regardless of the weather,hope everyone is living there dream.
First off I want to thank everyone who celebrated with me and my team for my 8th annual celebrity birthday bash. There are way to many people to name,so ill keep it short and sweet(Sleep Johnson,Malcolm Lee,Adrene Ashford,Bangladesh...and all my fellows Aries). To peep how the night went down,take a look at the photo gallery below.
Do remember for the right price I can make your party hotter. Get at your favorite artists,favorite dj.
And now for the mixtape side of things. My brother Dj Books has done it once again. As always,he keeps the catalogue flavor going. This time he enters the 36 chambers of the Wu-Tang Clan. As a part of his best of series,Books digs deep in to the vaults for this one. You know how I always do,download now and thank me later!


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