Friday, March 5, 2010

Dj Books De La Soul Mixtape

What's good party,the sun is out and spring is almost here...thank God for that! There's been a lot going on lately,that's why you guys are getting this blast so late in the week. None the less,I am back in the building!

First off to all my internet radio heads,you can listen to me daily@5pm est on The Dj Mars Live@5 Mix is the truth,trust me. The newest component to the Kenny Burns Show. Trust me yall,we are the shit! Don't hear about it from someone else,instantly become the coolest in your office. Remember these words,www.BEEHIVEFM.COM...THE KENNY BURNS SHOW!

And now for the mixtape side of things,this is one for the books...literally! My brother Dj Books has been taking us backto the day with his classic best of series. Today is no different,my brother goes in on one of my favorite groups of all time...DE LA SOUL! No play list needed,its De La Soul yall! From 3 Feet High and Rising to the Impossible Mission,the tape is De La cratick! Books,you murdered this one!

Oh yeah,since its my birthday month I am giving you all a special treat. My Superfriends,Dj Doc and Dj Shakim have put together 2 dope mixes. Shakim dug in the sample crates and proceeds to give yall sucka's what yall need! My brother Doc on the other hand put together this incredible podcast with our good peoples Jodene Dorce. Again yall,download now and thank me later!


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