Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dj Nell Armstrong & Jay-Z

Well you all,my birthday week is here and I'm so ready to party! Before I get into that,let me bless yall with a treat.

My brother,Dj Neil Armstrong has been trotting the globe for quite sometime now...and he finally took sometime out to construct this DNA of a Blueprint mixtape. Yup,he went in the lab and cooked up something sick for the Ipod! A Jay Z mixtape never gets old,especially when its put together by a geniuse dj...salute u Neil,keep rocking!

And now for the fun! Let's just say that my favorite time of the year is the Spring. It reminds me of my youth,I guess that's why I go so hard when it comes to my birthday.

This friday I will be celebrating Love,Life,Success,Friends,and Family! All of those elements have contributed to my happiness. No need to talk you guys to death,the info is bright and clear below. Enjoy the mixtape,as always download now and thank me later...I love yall,peace!


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