Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's good world,spring is almost here so that means a few very important things. First off,it means that we can finally put up our winter gear. Can't front yall,I'm really tired of the cold ass weather. Second on the list,on a national level,the party scene will get back to where it needed to be. You know during the winter everthing slows down. And last on the list ,my birthday party is right around the corner!

    Yup,for the past 8 years the world has been celebrating my birthday with me. Me and my crew has pioneered the restaurant party thing,and this year it is no different! Friday March 19th is the blast off date. The venue is The MF Room(inside MF Buckhead),3280 Peachtree St. Atl,Ga.

    Along side my brother,Keinon Johnson,I brought along a few of my friends(Adrene Ashford,Shondrae"Bangladesh"Crawford,and Malcolm Lee). Oh yeah,did I forget to mention that my brother,The Wild Afrikan Tai Boogie along side my man Masta Moe will be the hosts. And how could I forget Dj Shakim,Baby Yu,and of course Frank Ski...WOW!

    I'm not going to talk you guys to death about it! The flyer is below,please rsvp now( Capacity is limited,so don't front on yourselves!

    And since its my birthday month,I have a treat for you all! First off,since we are celebrating life we have to celebrate the life of Biggie Smalls. Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the death of Big,. So in honor of that,my man Dj Kut laced us with a "Everybody Loves Chris...Biggie Smalls" mixtape.
    That's not it yall,my man Dj Baby Yu came through and blessed us as well with some more classic flavor!
    Ill say this loud and clear,out of the new crop of dj's in Atlanta Baby Yu is the new Emporer...come to the party and find out!

    As always,download now and thank me later!

Click Here To Download Dj Baby Yu Mixtape

Click Here To Download Dj Kut Mixtape


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