Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brucie B Rooftop Era

What's good world,its a beautiful day in the A. I hope everyone's Wednesday is getting off to a positive start.
Since the spring is here,I'm sure we all don't have much time to sit n the house. For those who are near there laptop,I have a treat for you. One of my favorite dj's ever is my man,THE WORLD FAMOUS BRUCIE BEE. If you were lucky enough to party at the Rooftop,here's a gem from that era. My man Brucie used to get it in. His mic game,to his turntable work was incredible. Him and Busy Bee used to have routines that had you feeling you were rocking in Harlem for real. So for your listening pleasure,do the knowledge and download a piece of history.
Aside from all of that,I want to thank everyone who tunes into THE KENNY BURNS SHOW( The most exciting show on radio,the show airs daily from 2pm-6pm. Log on and listen,it will change your life!


dee jay manifest said...

i have a few of his tapes and you're right they are off the chain i also have some starchild joints as well check me out.

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