Monday, April 19, 2010

Dj Mars, Sean John & Fatman Scoop...THe Start Of Somthing Big Mixtape

In celebration of the 5 year anniversary for Sean John's Big and Tall ad campaign with Dj Mars. Both Sean John and Dj Mars have teamed up again to bring you "The Start of Something Big,the Big and Tall Lifestyle Tape". Riding Shotgun for the hosting duties is none other than,fellow Sean John spokesman,Fatman Scoop.

Chock full of exclusive's,this current Dj Mars mixtape is sure to

keep your head bouncing regardless of what continent you are on. With new tracks from Kelis,Erykah Badu,Ne-Yo,Kings of Leon,David Guetta,Fergie,John Legend,Ke$ha,Rick Ross,and fellow Sean John spokesman Dj Khaled.

So as we prepare to ride into the summer sun,make sure you are riding listening to "The Start of Something Big". Available as an internet only release,this instant classic is destined to become the official soundtrack to the summer.


shi zhan said...

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