Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dj Shakim & Dj Chuckie Mixtape Download

What's good party people,the weekend is almost here and I'm booked as usual. This summer is about to be crazy for me,thank God!

Before we get into the weekend,let's get into the mixtapes. First up to bat is my man Dj Shakim,let me make this clear...dude is a dj's dj! He has a pair of 1200's on stand bye at all times! If I had the right to give out the title GrandMaster,I'd pass it along to my brother! Part of 1 of todays mixtape breakdown includes his "Original Classics" series. This is actually part 8 of his series. The tape features original samples and hip hop classics,all perfectly blended together. Do the knowledge and go to this hip hop college right here yall!

Next up to bat is my man Dj Chuckie. For those who live in the dance music world,you already know about this dude right here! I can't front,I just got put up on him a little over a year ago. Son is a problem overseas. He is a producer//dj,but a master n both fields. Listen to the mix attached below and you will see what I'm talking about. Indirectly,I am learning about the house and electro music scene thru his eyes.

My first introduction to Chuckie was through my man Brian in Vegas. My second introduction was via Jermaine Dupri. Me and JD hopped on Chuckie's "Let the Bass Kick",and the rest was history! If you don't believe how flawless he is as a dj the just download his Brazil mix. You will not be disappointed! As I always say,download now and thank me later!

Click Here For Dj Shakim Mixtape


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