Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dj Spinna & Marvin Gaye

Well on to today's current mixtape news. Todays classic mixtape comes courtesy of Dj Spinna. I've never met him personally,but I've been following his movements from the mid 90's. Son is a walking musical dictionary. Everytime I listened to one of his tapes I ended up learning something. With that being said,I think u guys should do the knowledge to this next tape. It is a tribute to the life and musical times of Marvin Gaye. I remember hear the sad news that Marvin died,it still was a little beyond my comprehension at the time. But what I couldn't understand as a child Dj Spinna will explain via the turntables. Here is a collection of b-sides,rarities,alternate versions,re edits and remixes. As always,download now and thank me later!


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