Monday, April 6, 2009


What's good world,the games most well travelled dj is back in the building. Speaking of buildings,I had an opportunity to visit the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregan. I've seen a lot in my lifetime but this was one of those breath taking moments. Its always a great pleasure to learn the history of things,especially those of which I am a fan of. So to learn that Nike was started with barely $1000 is amazing to me. To also find out that the second half Nike's campus was built based on the success of the Jordan brand,proved how urban culture influences the corporate structure. Big shout out to my entire Nike crew,Omar,Astor,Dawn,Reggie,Marcus,Fatz,Nina,Shannon,Dorinda,Will,and everyone else with whom I had the pleasure of kicking it while in Portland. Thanks guys!

While on facebook(Mars Hall)and twitter(djmars404),I asked a real question. What's the difference between white dj's and black dj's. The question wasn't posed in an effort to disrespect any race,creed or color. Since I consider myself a student of the game,the question was asked to simply create dialogue and to look at the game thru someone else's eyes.

In my opinion,one of the first and obvious differences is there audiences. Being on the road as much as I am gives me the opportunity to party with an eclectic mix of people. One thing I notice about the white party crowd is that they dance to anything,as long as the beat keeps going. Now of course you have to have a high level of familiarity to your mix,but its not like our clubs. The white dj has the ability to really dig in the crates. I've seen a dj in that environment go from Led Zepplin to Young Jeezy in the course of the night. Not to say that at black clubs you can't get busy either. My point is that because white people party differently than we do,it allows for a white dj to play from a wider base of music. We all know that sometimes when we go out all you here is the same 5 songs on the radio. Sometimes,in certain black clubs that's all the party people want to hear. With that mind set,we marginalize the dj. Just my observation,nothing more.

And now for todays mixtape business. Todays mixtape download comes from the Question Mark man,DJ CLUE. And yours truley,DJ MARS. Back in the early nineties record labels would pay dj's to put together promotional mixtapes for an artists up and coming release. The mixtape would feature snippets of some of the hottest songs on the project. Well today we have The Lost Boyz "Love,Peace and Nappiness" mixtape featuring DJ CLUE. Followed by the "Big Momma's House" movie sampler,hosted by me. Within the book I will attempt to pinpoint the moment when the RIAA viewed the mixtape dj as a thief as opposed to a marketing extention of the record label. Interesting thought pattern isn't it,especially when dj's were commissioned directly by the labels to produce the tapes. Well,as always you could download now and thank me later.

To download the DJ CLUE and DJ MARS mixtape click the link below.




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