Friday, April 10, 2009


For those who dont know where this came from,heres a taste of the bass for you. One of my favorite scenes in the classic movie,WILDSTYLE!


Olskool4real said...

Man do you be going back Ha!Ha! Yeah now you know Nas and AZ did their thing and it was nice since these are two of my favorite lyricist from that Golden era of hip hop not to mention AZ being underated!! Double Trouble with Lil Ronnie Cee and KK Rockwell once a part of the Fukny 4 plus one man when the Wildstlye was out I hookied school to go see it and this and the end part at the amphitheater they killed it. Doesn't seem like much now but back then this was cool!! Lil Ronnie C isn't mentioned a lot as the more popular m.c.'s back in the day but this cat has been on the seen down with the Funky as far back as 77 or 78 Troy Smith has provided us the tapes and has provided the info to support that!!I liked both of them but gotta give a strong nod to Double Trouble because of when it wa done it was freshhhhhh!!


wow fam,u did yer history huh. the "stoop rap"scene was one of my favorites from the movie...where i grew up,everyone had the soundtrack....the fresh shit,u know it!

Olskool4real said...

We tried like hell to find that cut they kept rocking to that kept saying Down By law!! That soundtrack was fire for your ass back then man!! I played it and played it since it was the first time I had seen New Yorkers rock live!! I had heard of them by their records but I was moved by the movie and the soundtrack!! It took me a while to picture the Fantastic Freaks as the Fantastic Five who rocked on the Live Convention joint!! Yeah I can play that soundtrack and go back man of course my favorite part was Flash in the kitchen, D.S.T. cuttin Goodtimes at the end, I was lookin for that to be on the soundtrack, the Double Trouble piece at the end aww f*** it I don't have a favorite part I like the whole damn thing!!If you, If You wanna know, wanna know, the real deal about the two let us tell you that we are Double Trouble girl and we doing it just for you!! Ha!ha!!

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