Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dj Jelly X Heaven Photo Recap

What's good party people,its almost may 1st. I know you all are like,what's so important about may 1st? Its the day X-Men Origins hits the silver screen. I'm a superhero movie fanatic, so next friday you will catch me at somebodys theater on opening day.

Next on the line up this past fridays edition of "HEAVEN". Its a beautiful thing when people appreciate the difference that me and my team bring to the table. Words can't describe the energy that was in the building. Imagine a room full of music lovers all bouncing to the beat. We are in the process of putting the finishing touches to the recording of the party. Once we upload it,we will definetly make it available for download via www.historyofmixtapes.com. But for now you can view the link to peep the party(thanks Ravi).

Click Here To See Pictures From www.nightlifelink.com

Click Here To See Pictures From www.exclusiveaccess.net

On to todays mixtape business. When you talk aout mixtapes in the south you can't talk about them with out mentioning DJ JELLY. The business model behind Dj Jelly and his Oomp Camp crew is like that of any one of the fortune 500 companies that call Atlanta home. Not only are they the biggest selling dj's in Atlanta,they are the only dj's with there own retail chain. So instead of worrying about putting tapes out on consignment. These brothers controlled there own destiny by owning 3 stores on the southwest side of Atl. Keep in mind,these stores still exist. I'm not going to get into the beef that existed on this particular Jelly tape. Let's just say as one dynasty ended,another one began. Once again,download now and thank me later!



FParker71 said...

When I returned home from the Marines I was introduced to Jelly. His tapes were refreshing because the rest of the (hip-hop) nation didn't know about our contribution to the culture. I tip my hat to him for that. However, you can ask anyone who is truly an Atlantan that you can't talk Atlanta mixtapes without mentioning Edward J. Ask people who were high schoolers from 1988-1993. The pillow bass series was the hottest things going. Edward J, DJ Len, Lady DJ, Kizzie Rock! I'm sure that Floridians can give the same testimony about theire beloved "Pony Tapes!"

Dylan Rice said...

Thanks for the great reference post. Just what I was looking for!

Baltimore Nightlife

Candice Wright said...

Thanks for the great reference post. Just what I was looking for!

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