Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top 5 things wrong with Atlanta Nightlife X Dj Self

What's good party people,back to another week of the I think its safe to say that the weather has finally broken for good in Atlanta. Spring//Summer is here for the duration. Which in turn means the club season is in full gear. All that being said my next topic is a question I've been asked several times. That is,"what's wrong with the club scene in the A"? I'm sure a lot of you may have been wondering the same thing. Well here's my .05 cents worth. Yup,.05 cents. I have 5 reasons why the club scene in Atlanta has fallen off.

1-The audience isnt musically aggressive. At most of the clubs,most people only want to hear what's on the radio. After a while the night becomes predictable. The radio only plays a limited amount of music,don't make the club scene the same way. If the audience opens there minds then the dj's can and will open there crates.

2-Too many unqualified participants are involved. Just because you've hacked into someones database and stole there email list doesn't make you a promoter. Just because you've got yourself a Serato set up doesn't make you a dj. Its hard to test people before they enter the game,but there are too many of those who don't belong here working here.

3-Promoters and dj's are scared of the audience. At some point you have to say f*ck what they say I'm going to make them follow me. I've seen to many promoters rush to the booth petrified because some chick told him she wanted to hear Beyonce while I was playing Biggie. If your party has value the people won't leave. If the dj knows what he's doing than he should be able to get around that curve.

4-Some promoters don't really care about there customers. I'm being totally honest with this one. They really don't offer anything in the way of value for the dollar they charge.

5-The radio controls the clubs. Radio stations in some cities are like corporate entities,once they take over the flavor vanishes. In some instances when you go out and party,you want to feel special. You don't want to feel like your at a gym jam. You don't want to feel like the entire world knows about it. I'm far from an elitist but I would like some exclusivity when I party. That's what made some of best clubs so dope,the fact that not everyone was privy to them.

I can go on for days and days about this but I'm sure you want to hear about this weeks mixtape download. Well this week we feature the "Prince of New York,Dj Self". Today Self is more of a party dj than mixtape dj, but for those of you who knew Self from day one...really know what time it is. A classic example of his best of series,we have Canibus vs. Dmx. In the 90's they had Ny street hip hop in a choke hold. A real dj,Self used to come through with the illest mixtapes. As ai say every week,download now and thank me later.



Anonymous said...

Your so right! The club scene in Atlanta is the "Worst"...someone do something fast.In a city as sexy as Atlanta the night life is the Worst!!!
Thanks for keeping it real & posting what most people are thinking.

DJ SHAKIM said...

I could not have said it better, bro. This is the age of frontin' and stylin'!! Goodie Mob said it best..."They don't dance no mo". People don't want to be seen rocking to a new song they really like because "The IN crowd" isn't rockin' to it.

Dylan Rice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dylan Rice said...

There is obviously a lot to consider about this. Thanks anyways.

Baltimore Nightlife

Candice Wright said...

But I think you made some good points in discussing the topic.

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