Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bounce Master Doo Wop

What's good party people,you already know what it is. is back in the building. Fresh off the Keysha Cole//Keri Hilson tour,I'm ready to start the summer off right. Thank you to all of the supporters of the blog site as well as those who regularly read my emails. I really appreciate your time and energy. Today I have 30,000 plus views of the site. It may be small to some but that's a lot in my eyes. I plan to reach 150k by the sites birthday,which is late fall. Again thank each and every one of you.

As usual,on to todays mixtape business. Todays mixtape coverage comes from my man Doo Wop. I was finally able to secure my interview with him for the book. Honestly ya'll,Doo Wop was probably one of the best interviews we've had so far. He was extremely articulate,incredibly honest about his history. He answered every question thrown his way. The book is shaping up to be a nice capsule of our hip hop history.

So as we continue to celebrate the interview,here's a classic tape from my files...Wopduism(I hope I spelled that right). Another one of the many classics that my man Doo Wop has blessed us with. Don't front,before the title was taken to Queens Doo Wop had the game in a smash. He went after Capri and won,then introduced us to the bounce squad. As I always say,download now and thank me later!

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orangutanklaus said...

THX for postin this one.bought it allmost a decade ago here in germany.guess it was a tape kingz release and i played it over and over on my i´m glad someone posted it.anyway,keep on doin watcha doin tha way ya doin it..

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