Thursday, June 11, 2009

DJ Soul & Big L (Rest In Peace)

What's good world,summer is finally here for all and it looks like its going to be a good one. Well as of last friday night the hip hop world has finally been set on fire. Jay Z did what was needed for hip hop,and that was give it an energy boost.

Aside from splashing on all things wrong with the current state of hip hop,Jay brought more light to another subject that is a little more relative to this blog. The fact that within the song "Death of Autotune" he shouted out Funkmaster Flex,Dj Mister Cee,and Khaled was a big look for all of us. By him mentioning those names it meant to me that we are all still important.

Contrary to popular belief radio stations don't really respect us(dj's). They employ us but don't really respect us,that's evident in the way the pay us and the way they treat us. I've heard program directors tell there dj's that they can't shout out there dj crew affiliations on the air,and that they can't use personal drops. Along with the extremely low pay(usually $10-$20 per hour),they treat us like they don't need us. In my opinion,the hotter the dj is the more fans he will attract. Dj's become hot because of there affiliations. Look at Flex and Mister Cee's affiliation with Jay Z. There relationship made it so that Hot 97 in New York was the most listened to and watched(via youtube)radio station on the planet last friday. You wanna argue,look at it like this. In order for you to have heard the song you had to hear a rip of it from Hot 97. Unless of course you heard it live in New York. The only way to watch the in studio reaction to Flex and Cee,was to watch it on youtube. Every hip hop blog on the planet posted a rip of the song and the youtube clip on there site. Thus making them the most listened to radio station on the planet.

I can go on for days and days about the subject,but for now I will just fall back and focus on todays mixtape subject. Which leads me to my man Dj Soul(NYC),have you all heard his Big L tribute tape? Well just to give you all a little background on the definition of the tape,Big L was shot nearly ten years ago. His birthday recently passed,may 30th,so this is not just a tribute but also a birthday presents to one of Harlems finest. The tape consists of all original material,songs,freestyles,and live concert recordings. If you know hip hop then you know Big L. If not ladies and gentlemen here is a proper introduction. As I always say,download now and thank me later.


1. Intro (Part 1) feat. Lord Finesse
2. Intro (Part 2) feat. Funkmaster Flex & Nas
3. Principle Of The New School (Freestyle)
4. Yes You May Remix feat. Lord Finesse
5. DJ Premier Interlude
6. MVP (Live From Amsterdam)
7. Ebonics
8. Internationally Known feat. OC
9. Hit It (unreleased)
10. I Shoulda Worn A Rubba aka The Clinic (unreleased)
11. American Dream feat. McGruff, Mase, Cam'ron & Bloodshed
12. Sandman 118th (Freestyle)
13. Games Females Play (unreleased)
14. School Dayz (unreleased)
15. The Devil's Son (Live From Amsterdam)
16 .Times Is Hard On The Blvd (unreleased)
17. Day One feat. Diamond
18. Interlude feat. Fat Joe
19. The Enemy feat. Fat Joe
20. Street Struck
21. Interlude feat. Bobbito
22. 95 Freestyle feat. Jay-Z
23. Uptown Connection aka Danger Zone feat. Mase & McGruff
24. Lord Finesse Interlude
25. How Will I Make It (unreleased)



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