Friday, June 26, 2009

Off The Wall Michael Jackson Tribute | Dj Jaycee "Soulful Years" Mixtape

I usually don't send out 2 blast's per week but I don't think you all will mind. There's really not to much I can say about the news we all heard other than I wish it didn't happen. Death is inevitable,but we all still feel the pain from it. For music lover's across the globe,Mike was the man. As a kid growing up in the 80's,Mike was the ultimate.

I'm sure across the galaxy there will be a million extended Micheal Jackson sets in every club this weekend. Mike gave us so much music,he gave us so much to groove to. From a dj's perspective Mike kind of made it easy for me to do my job while I was in the club. For every club promoter,Mike you made our parties better. I can say that with pure honesty and love. My family of brothers(The FCC,Atlbarz,J.Carter,Marco Johnson,Fadia,Luther@Prophecy,AG ent,and Certified Crunk),we all have benefitted from Mikes greatness.

Well I'm not going to talk you all's ears off today,I'll just let the music do the talking. With all of that being said,here's a few pieces of MJ related information that I am sure you will like.

The Heavenly Rennaissance Family


"Remember the Time"

A tribute to Micheal Jackson

Friday July 3rd@595 North

Doors open@10pm

Dj Kemit & Dj Doc on the wheels

No cover charge for anyone

We are doing this one for the love of music and the love of Mike. All we need is love,so bring you heart and your dancing shoes.

Also,on the mixtape side of things. Dj Jaycee put together a dope ass compilation of Micheal Jackson records. "The Soulful Years",is a must have mixtape for your ipod. Ill let the music do the talking. See you all next friday,as I always now and thank me later!



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