Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MLK & T.I. - A Year and a Day Mixtape | FILA (Forever I Love Atlanta)




This friday at 595 North Lounge, the Heaven family celebrates the musical history of the Motown of the south. For whatever the reason,many of us have chosen to call Atlanta home. Maybe we came here for school,maybe we came here for Freaknik and just couldn't go back. Regardless of the reason,we are here and its time to party.

This friday we are going heavy on the Outkast,Goodie Mob,Yeek music,Snap music,Bass music,Crunk music...and any other sound that represents the A! Bring your towels because yo ass is going to party!

Will the drink specials be on deck,yup. We have the martinis for the ladies going for $5.00 and the long islands for the fellas droppin for $5.00 as well!

Musically we invited DJ HERB to come and rock with us. I told you all we are going real A-TOWN that night! Doors open@10 pm,see yall then. Make sure you all get F.I.L.A. fresh!

And now for the mixtape side of things. Since we are celebrating all things Atlanta,its only right that we rep the KANG OF THE SOUTH...TIP! Right before he stepped off to do his year long bid, TI cooked up some exclusives and got with my man DJ MLK. The results of them rocking together is another streett classic called "A YEAR AND A DAY...T.I. & DJ MLK".

Filled with nothing but heat,this tape is definetly headed towards the mixtape hall of fame. As always,download now and thank me later.



Chris said...

The link attached to this article is not working. Can you please upload a working link. Thanks.

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