Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stefan The Dj Presents Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits Mixtape


Vanguard Reviews said...
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Vanguard Reviews said...

Need to check out the Badder Than Bad Michael Jackson Mixtape by DJ Emir, the CD is off the meter! The Dancing Machine remix was hot so was the PLO style remix over BAD with a hot transition that lead into smooth criminal it was pure genius. The CD is worth it just for the intro song, The exclusive live remix of Michael Jackson's Bad over Sean Pauls "Feel It" with massive cuts and scratches only turntablist DJs can pull off. Emir's remix of "You Rock My World" is perfectly laid over Jamie Foxx's Blame it and MIA's Paper Planes beats. This CD is an absolute heater and a pure classic. Check it if you haven't already at his website www.djemir.com where you can also find some of his other hot mixtapes including his amazing Iron Man mixtape

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