Friday, January 29, 2010


First of all,shout out to the diggers union for posting this. I love finding dope tapes like this,Dj books you murdered this one. For all my real hip hoppers out there this ones for you and yours.

1. The Brand Nu Truth Intro
2. Mind Your Business (Grand Puba)
3. Brand Nu Being (Brand Nubian)
4. Wake Up – Reprise (Brand Nubian)
5. Punks Jump Up (Lord Jamar, Sadat X)
6. Are U Ready Verse (Grand Puba)
7. Show Business (Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
8. Stages & Lights (Sadat X)
9. Original Man (Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
10. Ya Know How It Goes (Grand Puba)
11. Brand Nubian (Brand Nubian)
12. Slow Down – Pete Rock Remix (Brand Nubian)
13. I Like It (Grand Puba – Verse 1)
14. What Goes Around (Grand Puba – Verse 1)
15. Hey Woman Interlude
16. The Lump Lump (Sadat X)
17. Step To The Rear (Grand Puba)
18. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head (Brand Nubian)
19. Alladat (Sadat X ft Busta Rhymes)
20. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
21. The Fallen Question
22. Deep Space (Lord Jamar ft The RZA)
23. The Same Slaves Interlude
24. Proper Education (Grand Puba)
25. Word Is Bond (Lord Jamar & Sadat X)
26. All 4 One (Brand Nubian)
27. The Return (Brand Nubian)
28. Probable Cause – Original Mix (Brand Nubian)
29. I Wanna Hear It (Brand Nubian)
30. Wild Cowboys (Sadat X)
31. Allah & Justice Outro

Download now and thank me later


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