Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dj Jazzy Jeff | Help For Haiti | Soul II Soul

What's the good word ya'll,yup we are back in business. First off,I wish each and everyone of you guys a happy and prosperous new year. I'm not even going to waste any more time,let's get right to the mixtape business.

I usually don't post mixes from other sites but this one I had to do. Thanks to the site,only built for z share links. I found this DJ JAZZY JEFF live on Future Flavors radio rip. From the very moment I heard "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble",I knew Jeff was a problem. To this date Jeff is still one of the best dj's EVER. All respect do my man,glad I found this mix!

Its ironic that I have a site dedicated to mixtapes and don't post any of my own. Well in 2010 all of that is going to change. Up first is a single from my upcoming mixtape with me and Dj Trauma called "Late Night Flights". The single is entitled "Let the Bass Kick",produced by Dj Chuckie(@djchuckie)featuring Jermaine Dupri(@ltlline)and me(@djmars404). The record is a definite smash,dj's don't play yerself...PLAY THE DAMN RECORD! Below is the clean and dirty edit of the track!

In addition to mixtapes I will help bring new life to the Atlanta night life. First off is Soul II Soul,each and every thursday night@Door 44. Soul II Soul is a music lover's dream. Me and Dj Gazzel dig deep in the crates. Doors open@10pm,come drink and celebrate great music by two great dj's.

Dj Jazzy Jeff Mixtape

"Let the Bass Kick" Single"


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